Summary in english

The Society of Archives and Records Management in Sweden (FAI) is a society with roots in Svenska Arkivsamfundet and Arkivrådet AAS. The merger was completed in March 6, 2014. The merged society is the largest archival interest group in Sweden, with more than 900 members nationwide. Members come from all sectors and levels of organizations; both private and public, state ministries and local authorities, small consultancies and multinational companies. FAI is open to all who work with or is interested in archive and records management.

FAI has three main messages:

  1. We are a society for all interested in archive and records management matters in Sweden
  2. We help members develop within the profession
  3. We develop the archival sector and is an active social commentator


We aim at strengthening the professional and public attitudes towards document management, information management and records management. (In Sweden we make no distinction between “archival creation” as opposed to “archival repositories”, which doesn’t necessarily correspond to the anglo-saxon terms of records management and archives.)

We comment on relevant consultation documents from public authorities and agencies. 

Creating better education and training for those who work Records Management and Archives is a main goal of the Society. We  strive to develop new courses  to meet new challenges facing the profession. Each year we also arrange several general and specialist seminars.

An important part of promoting the competency development of and information to archivists are the conference and one-day seminars. They cover a large spectrum of archival matters from technical aspects on preservation to the ethical dimensions of the profession. These seminars are an important forum for archivists to meet colleagues and representatives of other areas of society for an exchange of information and experience.

The Society publishes a journal twice a year: Arkiv, samhälle och forskning (Archives, society and research). The aim of that magazine is to promote the debate on archival scientific issues and to spread information on the latest development in the archival society. The Society is am member of ”Svensk Arkivtidskrift” which together with four other organizations publishes a quarterly magazine – “Arkiv” (Archive).

The activities of the Society of archive and records management in Sweden are all performed in Swedish. Under the headline ”Aktuellt” you will find information on forthcoming events such as seminars etc.The articles in Arkiv, samhälle och forskning have a summary in English.

The Society has contacts with sister organisations in the Nordic countries and several other countries. We are a member of International Council on Archives (ICA).

If you want to contact the Society, please e-mail us at or send a letter to:

Föreningen för arkiv och informationsförvaltning
c/o Föreningshuset
Lumaparksvägen 7
120 31 Stockholm